Charitable Trust & Company Giving

SOS Sahel UK has developed a special relationship with many grant-giving organisations over the years, from high-profile donors like Comic Relief to family-run charitable settlements or companies with a particular interest in the drylands of Africa.

The breadth of our work means our programmes range from practical interventions like building a water reservoir, to educating women and children, training local mediators in conflict prevention techniques and helping nomadic pastoralists to influence policy-making.

We know you have many worthy causes to consider supporting. Here are just a few reasons why some trusts, foundations and companies choose to support SOS Sahel UK:

  • Helps disadvantaged groups in some of the poorest countries in the world
  • Meets people's immediate needs while also securing their rights over the long-term
  • Has the trust and respect of the communities it works with
  • Involves and empowers local people to manage their own development
  • Has low overheads (two staff in our small Oxford office; 35 local staff in Sudan)

We welcome the opportunity to build new partnerships with trusts and companies, so please do get in touch to learn more about how your trust or company could help reduce poverty in Africa's drylands.

£200 could support community literacy training for 20 people for one year. Literacy skills develop confidence and are the building blocks of strong African organisations.

£1,500 could fund a three-day meeting for 100 representatives of forest users. These meetings promote consensus on how the 12,000 people who depend on forest resources can manage them effectively.

£10,000 could provide a village with a new well, used by up to 1,000 people. A reliable source of clean water means better health and relieves women of an arduous and time-consuming chore.

Employee fundraising

Payroll giving, sponsored challenges and volunteering are all ways you can get involved with our work.

Halima Abdallah picks fruit from the trees SOS Sahel UK helped her establish. ''We like the fact that SOS Sahel's approach is relatively low profile, and that it aims to hand projects back to communities.  As we feel that SOS Sahel's work in those communities is so important, we are happy to make regular contributions which enable SOS Sahel to make plans for its future spending'' The Dingwall TrustIt's easy to get in touch

If you would like to discuss becoming involved with our work, call us on 01865 403305.

Our office is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

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