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SOS Sahel UK has worked in Sudan since 1985. Sudan is an enormous country and a highly complex and sensitive environment in which to work. Our team has built an excellent reputation, with expertise in conflict prevention and in tackling the underlying causes of poverty. Our conflict prevention activities to date have been supported by the United Nations, as well as other generous donors.

We work closely with our partner organisation in Sudan, SOS Sahel Sudan, to implement our activities. The Director of SOS Sahel Sudan is Mr Salih Majid Eldouma, under whose expert guidance the organisation is growing.

In Red Sea State, north-east Sudan, we are working with fishermen and horticulturists (those who grow fruit and vegetables) to improve their livelihoods.The EU funded project began in 2013, and provides training to both livelihood groups to improve their production and marketing skills. Read more here.

In North and South Kordofan States we are working with herding and farming groups to help them overcome their conflicts and peacefully share access to the sparse forests, water and pasture that they each depend upon. Read more about our work in Muglad here, and about our sand dam programme here.

Darfur is SOS Sahel’s newest project area in Sudan. In partnership with SOS Sahel Sudan and the Darfur Development and Reconstruction Agency, we are working to strengthen civil society organisations and analyse trade in all states in Darfur. Read more about this project here, and find the latest bulletins about the impact of conflict on markets and trade here.


Sudan Fund

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Our areas of work in Sudan:


UN Human Development Index

Ranking: 169 out of 187
Life Expectancy: 61.5 yrs (2011)
People without access to improved water: 43% (2008)
Adult literacy rate: 70.2% (2011)
(over 15)
School enrolment: 39.9% (2009)
(estimate: primary, secondary & tertiary)
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