Other ways to give


Give as you Go

Online giving made easy. Search the web, sell your junk or unwanted gifts via eBay or send a charity e-Card. Click here for more details.

Leave a Legacy

Leave the gift of a lifetime and help build a brighter future for Sahelian people and their environment.

Legacies are a vital source of income for SOS Sahel UK. While grants and appeal donations provide much of the funding for established projects, legacies allow us to expand our work and test out new ideas.

If you want to find out more about our work or have any questions about leaving a gift to SOS Sahel UK in your Will, please contact us on 01865 403305, or email us.

Wedding donations

Are you getting married? If you already have a dinner set or a coffee maker, why not consider asking your guests to donate to SOS Sahel UK. We will happily provide donation forms for your special day.

Gift aid – 28% more donation at no extra cost to you!

Provided you are a UK taxpayer, SOS Sahel UK can claim back 28p from the Inland Revenue for every £1 you give. This makes a big difference to the amount of money we can raise for communities in Africa. We are also able to claim back tax on all donations you have made in the last six years, provided you have been a UK taxpayer all this time.

If you have not yet completed a gift aid declaration or are about to make a donation, please download our Donation Form here, sign the Gift Aid section, fill in your contact details and post it back to us.

Higher rate taxpayer? Our charity code is TAF39PG

If you pay tax at the higher rate, we can claim the basic rate of tax and you can claim the additional tax relief through your self-assessment tax return. To donate this windfall to us, simply add our code TAF39PG to section 5 and record the amount you want to restrict to us in section 4 of this short Form.

If you overpaid tax in the year (for whatever reason), and are eligible for a refund, you can allocate some or all of the refund to us. You can use this same form and send it with your Self Assessment Tax Return.

Ensuring appropriate education for nomadic herders, like this boy in Sudan, is an important part of SOS Sahel UK’s work. ''I keep giving to SOS Sahel for three main reasons: the encouraging news in the Annual Reports; the appreciative judgments of independent observers of the work; and last but not least, the very friendly and informal letters of the SOS Sahel office staff, who have written to thank for donations.'' Miss Stella Allen, supporter. Giftaid it

It's easy to get in touch

If you’d rather speak to someone about making a donation, call us on 01865 403305.

Our office is open Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

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