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Welcome to SOS Sahel UK. We are a development charity that works with herders and farmers in Africa's drylands (the Sahel region).

We want to see the people of the Sahel influence the decisions that affect their lives and have control over the natural and economic resources they need for a secure and fulfilling life. Since October 2009, we have focused on expanding our programme activities in Sudan and on supporting SOS Sahel Sudan to devolve into a national NGO. We have also begun an exciting new project with SOS Sahel Ethiopia (read more here).

Following the secession of South Sudan in July 2011, violence has escalated dramatically in both North and South Sudan. As a result, SOS Sahel’s work encouraging conflict resolution amongst different groups is more important than ever. South Kordofan, which lies on Sudan’s border with South Sudan, is an area of particular tension and SOS Sahel Sudan, as a national Sudanese organisation, have gained the right to work in the area. They are bringing support to communities, with whom SOS Sahel has built close relationships over many years, in the form of emergency relief as well as continuing our long term development activities where possible.

In 2011, a new organisation was registered in Juba – SOS Sahel South Sudan. SOS Sahel South Sudan, with support from SOS Sahel UK, is working to establish itself in the new country where strong national NGOs are much needed.

The Road to Peace, Sudan

SOS Sahel UK has worked with herders (pastoralists) and farmers in Kordofan for nearly twenty years; helping them share access to and regenerate the natural resources (trees, land and water) that they depend upon for survival.

In North Kordofan state alone, 90% of the 1.5 million population are either farmers or pastoralists. Competition over dwindling resources is triggering conflict, especially along seasonal cattle and camel routes. In this short clip, see how we are improving water supplies along livestock routes; benefiting both pastoralists and farmers and building a lasting foundation for peace.

(Video courtesy of the UNDP in Sudan & the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)

Watch the full 35 minute video here.

Read about our conflict prevention work in Sudan.

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A brighter and safer future is possible for Africa's dryland people.

97.9% of our income was spent on charitable activities in 2011-12.

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